rsync – mkstemp failed: Permission denied (13)

Error:  rsync – mkstemp failed: Permission denied (13) cause: wrong permission where you want to upload file solution: make sure you have the right permission for the user with which you are uploading the file to the instance rsync -avhe   ‘ssh -i taclogisticsnewcom.pem’  rsync -avhe   ‘ssh -i taclogisticsnewcom.pem’ tacportal_db.sql  [email protected]:/home/centos/ here the user is centos and … Read more

Get the fingerprint of an existing SSH public key

How to get: SHA256 hash of an existing key?Something like this: SHA256:3VvabBNtRF0XEpYRFnIrhHX6tKZq/vzU+heb3dCYp+0 [email protected]com MD5 (is it MD5?) of an existing key?Something like this: b6:bf:18:b8:72:83:b7:fb:7d:08:98:72:1f:9f:05:27 Randomart for an existing key?Something like this: Install openssh and openssl packages which contain the commands. # get the SHA256 and ascii art ssh-keygen -l -v -f /path/to/publickey# get the MD5 for private keyopenssl pkey -in /path/to/privatekey … Read more

PEM key lost AWS 1. write down the instance ID, AMI ID, & Availability zone of the original instance In the root device field, take note of the device name for the root volume(for example /dev/sda1 or /dev/xvda). choose the link & write down the volume ID in the EBS ID field(vol -XXXXXXXXX) Note: Availability zoneInstance IDelastic … Read more

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