Tablespace for table xxx exists

[mysqld] innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:10M:autoextend be sure to add within mysqld A little late here but generally I’ve seen this problem occur when you get a ‘tablespace full’ error when running in a ‘innodb_file_per_table’ mode. Without going into too much detail (more here), the database server’s tablespace is defined by the innodb_data_file_path setting and by default is rather small. … Read more

Error: ‘Out of resources when opening file ‘/tmp/#sql_390d_2.MYD’ (Errcode: 24 – Too many open files)

Check /etc/my.cnf.  Under the [mysqld] section, if you have a open_files_limit variable, increase it, eg: open_files_limit=32768 then restart mysqld.systemctl restart mysql3) Confirm in mysql itself by checking the open_files_limit variable to ensure it’s increased, by running the SQL query: show global variables like ‘open%’;

Field ‘po_qnty’ doesn’t have a default value

As others said, this is caused by the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode. To check whether STRICT_TRANS_TABLES mode is enabled: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘sql_mode’; To disable strict mode: SET GLOBAL sql_mode=”; But the next time MySQL restarts, these settings are lost. It should be:[mysqld]sql_mode=NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION,STRICT_TRANS_TABLES instead of [mysqld]sql_mode=”NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION” then restart mysqld service.

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