CGPA Full Form | CGPA Full Form in Hindi | Full Form of CGPA

CGPA :- Cumulative Grade Point Average

It is an average grade points obtained by students in all semester. CGPA grading point used in school colleges to measure the academic performance of a student. It is used to measure the overall academic achievement of a student by awarding A, B, C, D or F grades.

CGPA={(1st Sem total credits*SGPA of 1st Sem)+(2nd Sem Total Credits*SGPA of 2nd Sem )+(3rd Sem total credits*SGPA of 3rd Sem)+……}÷(1st Sem credits+2nd Sem credits+3rd Sem credits+…..)

SGPA :- Semester Grade Point Average

CGPA meaning in Hindi

CGPA :- औसत ग्रेड बिंदु

CGPA ek educational grading system hai jo schools, colleges mai ek students ke marks ko dikhata hai. Isme A,B,C,D or F grade hote hai.

90 % – 100%A+ or OExcellent
79 % – 80 %AFirst class
50 % – 69 %B+Second class
40 % – 49 %BPass
Less than 39 %FFail

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