FIR full form

FIR Full Form is First Information Report. Any report of crime or cognizable offense, when it first reaches the police, an official document is prepared with all details of the case. 

FIR Full Form, What is E-FIR All Information

This document is termed as FIR.  So an FIR is documented by the police once a complaint is received. It plays a very significant role in a case, as it determines the process of justice in motion. In other words, only after the written document of FIR is filed, police can start investigating a case.
Any individual including the victim who knows about an offense can file FIR. Hence, the FIR basically has all information like:

  • Name and address of the person who files the case.
  • Time, location, and date of the offense or incident reported.
  • The facts of offense as witnessed or occurred.
  • Names of the accused and every other person involved in the incident.

Provision of FIR (First Information Report)

It is the right of every person to register an FIR.If there is a cognizable offense then the police officer should immediately file an FIR report.

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