List 13

Chapters 1–6

Ender Wiggin is a brilliant but lonely young strategist in a world where children are trained to defend humankind against alien attacks.

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  1. tousle

    disarrange or rumple; dishevel
    The monitor lady smiled very nicely and tousled his hair and said, “Andrew, I suppose by now you’re just absolutely sick of having that horrid monitor.
  2. clench

    squeeze together tightly
    He could feel his legs thrashing, and his hands were
    clenching each other, wringing each other so tightly that they arched.
  3. lurch

    move abruptly
    lurched to one side and fell off the examining table.
  4. drone

    talk in a monotonous voice
    It gave him something to do while the teacher
    droned on about arithmetic.
  5. supine

    lying face upward
    So Ender walked to Stilson’s
    supine body and kicked him again, viciously, in the ribs.
  6. mirth

    great merriment
    Loud, but with real
    mirth, tears coming to his eyes.
  7. silhouette

    an outline of a solid object as cast by its shadow
    Ender heard the hushing sound of the toilet clearing; then Peter stood
    silhouetted in the doorway.
  8. extenuating

    partially excusing or justifying
    “We’re willing to consider
    extenuating circumstances,” the officer said.
  9. requisition

    demand and take for use or service
    And so we
    requisitioned you.”
  10. conscript

    someone who is drafted into military service
    Conscripts make good cannon fodder, but for officers we need volunteers.”
  11. fodder

    soldiers regarded as expendable under artillery fire
    Conscripts make good cannon
    fodder, but for officers we need volunteers.”
  12. flotilla

    a fleet of small craft
    “Battle School is for training future starship captains and commodores of
    flotillas and admirals of the fleet.”
  13. renounce

    turn away from; give up
    He changed his name,
    renounced his religion, and vowed never to have more than the allotted two children.
  14. assimilation

    the process of absorbing one cultural group into another
    And you’re a badge of public shame, because at every step you interfere with their efforts at
    assimilation into normal complying society.”
  15. evade

    escape, either physically or mentally
    Your parents resent you because of all the past they are trying to
  16. lithe

    moving and bending with ease
    And all the while, during the interview, Ender and the TV guy would slink along smoothly in front of the cameraman, taking long,
    lithe strides.
  17. feeble

    pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness
    In your
    feeble little minds, haven’t you picked up one little fact?
  18. scrupulously

    with extreme conscientiousness
    The boy sitting next to Ender was
    scrupulously careful not to touch him.
  19. opaque

    not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy
    Ender found the scanner, a sheet of
    opaque plastic.
  20. tactical

    pertaining to detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives
    No way it’ll be
    Tactical School for me.
  21. extricate

    release from entanglement or difficulty
    Every time, though, he
    extricated himself and went back, perhaps to a different spot, to get a different angle on the game.
  22. martyr

    one who suffers for the sake of principle
    His accent made him exotic and interesting; his broken arm made him a
    martyr; his sadism made him a natural focus for all those who loved pain in others.
  23. chafe

    feel extreme irritation or anger
    But a few
    chafed under Bernard’s rule.
  24. tumult

    a state of commotion and noise and confusion
    There was a
    tumult of complaint that it wasn’t fair how Bernard and Alai had shot them all when they weren’t ready.
  25. grisly

    shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
    Not a choice between his own
    grisly death and an even worse murder.
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(updated August 15, 2018)

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