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American History

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  1. abolitionist

    a reformer who favors putting an end to slavery
  2. acquisition

    something gained
  3. acquitted

    declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime
  4. advocate

    a person who pleads for a person, cause, or idea
  5. agrarian

    relating to rural matters
  6. ally

    a friendly nation
  7. amphibious

    relating to vertebrates that live on land but breed in water
  8. annex

    attach to
  9. antebellum

    belonging to a period before a war
  10. antitrust

    relating to laws that prevent unfair business practices
  11. apropos

    of a suitable, fitting, or pertinent nature
  12. armada

    a large fleet
  13. armament

    weaponry used by military or naval force
  14. armistice

    a state of peace agreed to between opponents
  15. arsenal

    all the weapons and equipment that a country has
  16. artisan

    a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
  17. assets

    anything of material value owned by a person or company
  18. astrolabe

    an early form of sextant
  19. balk

    refuse to proceed or comply
  20. balm

    preparation applied externally as a remedy or for soothing
  21. barter

    exchange goods without involving money
  22. blockade

    a war measure isolating an area of importance to the enemy
  23. bootlegging

    the act of selling illegally or without permission
  24. bourgeoisie

    the social class between the lower and upper classes
  25. boycott

    refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization
  26. burgess

    a citizen of an English borough
  27. buttress

    a support usually of stone or brick
  28. cabinet

    a storage compartment for clothes and valuables
  29. capital

    a large alphabetic character used in writing or printing
  30. caucus

    meet to select a candidate or promote a policy
  31. cede

    give over
  32. chancellor

    the person who is head of state (in several countries)
  33. chattel

    personal as opposed to real property
  34. Cold War

    a state of political hostility that existed from 1945 until 1990 between countries led by the Soviet Union and countries led by the United States
  35. collective bargaining

    negotiation between an employer and a trade union
  36. colonization

    the act of settling a group of people in a new place
  37. colonize

    establish political control over a place by sending settlers
  38. command module

    a space module in which astronauts can live and control the spacecraft and communicate with earth
  39. component

    one of the individual parts making up a larger entity
  40. compromise

    an accommodation in which both sides make concessions
  41. confiscate

    take temporary possession of a security by legal authority
  42. containment

    the act of keeping something from spreading
  43. corollary

    an inference following from the proof of another proposition
  44. cosmonaut

    a person trained to travel in a spacecraft
  45. cruise missile

    an unmanned aircraft that is a self-contained bomb
  46. curtail

    terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end
  47. deem

    judge or regard in a particular way
  48. deficit

    the property of being less than expected or required
  49. defray

    bear the expenses of
  50. democracy

    the orientation of those who favor government by the people
  51. Democratic Party

    the older of two major political parties in the United States
  52. deplete

    use up, as resources or materials
  53. depression

    a sunken or lowered geological formation
  54. despotism

    dominance through threat of punishment and violence
  55. detente

    the easing of tensions or strained relations
  56. devastate

    cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
  57. diagnose

    subject to a medical analysis
  58. dictator

    a ruler who is unconstrained by law
  59. diplomacy

    negotiation between nations
  60. disarmament

    the act or process of reducing or depriving of weapons
  61. dissenter

    a person who dissents from some established policy
  62. draft

    a current of air
  63. drainage basin

    the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet
  64. electoral college

    the body that formally selects the United States president
  65. electorate

    the body of enfranchised citizens; those qualified to vote
  66. emancipation

    freeing someone from the control of another
  67. embargo

    a government order imposing a trade barrier
  68. emigrant

    someone who leaves one country to settle in another
  69. emigrate

    leave one's country of residence for a new one
  70. enfranchisement

    the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on
  71. entente

    an informal alliance between countries
  72. erect

    upright in position or posture
  73. excise tax

    a tax that is measured by the amount of business done
  74. fascism

    a political theory advocating an authoritarian government
  75. Federalist

    a member of a former political party in the United States that favored a strong centralized federal government
  76. Federalist Party

    a major political party in the United States in the early 19th century; founded by Alexander Hamilton; favored a strong centralized government
  77. fiasco

    a complete failure or collapse
  78. foreclosure

    proceedings initiated to repossess the collateral for a loan
  79. free trade

    international trade free of government interference
  80. furor

    an interest followed with exaggerated zeal
  81. garrison

    a fortified military post where troops are stationed
  82. growing season

    the season during which a crop grows best
  83. guerrilla

    a member of an irregular army that fights a stronger force
  84. habeas corpus

    a writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge
  85. haven

    a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo
  86. hedonistic

    devoted to pleasure
  87. illegitimacy

    unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law
  88. immigrant

    a person who comes to a country in order to settle there
  89. immune

    of the condition in which an organism can resist disease
  90. impeach

    bring an accusation against
  91. impeachment

    a formal document charging a public official with misconduct
  92. imperialism

    a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries
  93. implicated

    culpably involved
  94. impress

    have a powerful and usually positive effect on
  95. inauguration

    the ceremonial induction into a position
  96. indigenous

    originating where it is found
  97. infest

    occupy in large numbers or live on a host
  98. infiltration

    a process in which individuals penetrate an area
  99. inflation

    the act of filling something with air
  100. ingenuity

    the power of creative imagination
  101. inhabitant

    a person who lives in a particular place
  102. initiate

    set in motion, start an event or prepare the way for
  103. intellectual property

    intangible property that is the result of creativity
  104. interest

    a sense of concern with and curiosity about something
  105. internal combustion

    the combustion of fuel inside a cylinder
  106. internationalism

    quality of being global in scope
  107. ironic

    displaying incongruity between what is expected and what is
  108. Islam

    the monotheistic religious system of Muslims
  109. isolationism

    a policy of nonparticipation in international relations
  110. joint-stock company

    a company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund; transferable shares represent ownership interest; shareholders are legally liable for all debts of the company
  111. Kuomintang

    the political party founded in 1911 by Sun Yat-sen
  112. latitude

    an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
  113. longitude

    the angular distance from the prime meridian at Greenwich
  114. malaria

    a disease caused by parasites transmitted by mosquito bite
  115. malinger

    avoid responsibilities and duties
  116. maneuver

    a military training exercise
  117. manifest destiny

    a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable
  118. manumit

    free from slavery or servitude
  119. medieval

    relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages
  120. mercantilism

    a system of increasing wealth through colonization and trade
  121. mercenary

    a person hired to fight for another country than their own
  122. Middle Ages

    the period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance
  123. militarism

    maintaining a strong force of armed services
  124. mobilize

    make ready for action or use
  125. monopoly

    a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller
  126. Monroe Doctrine

    an American foreign policy opposing interference in the western hemisphere from outside powers
  127. nationalism

    the doctrine that your country's interests are superior
  128. neutrality

    nonparticipation in a dispute or war
  129. nullification

    counteracting or overriding the effect or force of something
  130. nullify

    declare invalid
  131. optimal

    most desirable possible under a restriction
  132. pacifist

    someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
  133. palisade

    a strong fence made of stakes driven into the ground
  134. perish

    pass from physical life
  135. persecute

    cause to suffer
  136. piedmont

    a gentle slope leading from the base of a mountain to a region of flat land
  137. polarize

    cause to concentrate about two conflicting positions
  138. poll tax

    a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote
  139. precipitate

    bring about abruptly
  140. predestination

    previous determination as if by destiny or fate
  141. predicate

    involve as a necessary condition or consequence
  142. premier

    first in rank or degree
  143. privateer

    a ship commissioned to prey on other ships
  144. progressivism

    the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society
  145. prohibition

    the action of forbidding
  146. proprietary colony

    a colony given to a proprietor to govern (in 17th century)
  147. protectorate

    a state or territory partly controlled by a stronger state
  148. Puritan

    a member of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th centuries thought that the Protestant Reformation under Elizabeth was incomplete and advocated the simplification and regulation of forms of worship
  149. quarantine

    isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease
  150. quarter

    one of four equal parts
  151. racketeering

    engaging in an illegal enterprise carried on for profit
  152. ratification

    making something valid by formally confirming it
  153. ratified

    formally approved and invested with legal authority
  154. ratify

    approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation
  155. ravage

    cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
  156. rehabilitation

    treatment of physical disabilities by massage and exercises
  157. reprisal

    a retaliatory action against an enemy in wartime
  158. republic

    a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch
  159. revoke

    cancel officially
  160. royal charter

    a charter granted by the sovereign
  161. secede

    withdraw from an organization or polity
  162. sectionalism

    excessive devotion to the interests of a particular region
  163. segregation

    the act of keeping apart
  164. self-determination

    determination of one's own fate or course of action without compulsion
  165. sharecropper

    a tenant farmer who owes a portion of each harvest for rent
  166. sod

    surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and roots
  167. sovereignty

    the authority of a state to govern another state
  168. specie

    coins collectively
  169. speculation

    continuous contemplation on a subject of a deep nature
  170. speculative

    not based on fact or investigation
  171. spoils system

    the system of employing and promoting civil servants who are friends and supporters of the group in power
  172. squatter

    someone who lives on a property without right or title
  173. stalemate

    a situation in which no progress can be made
  174. subpoena

    a writ issued to compel the attendance of a witness
  175. suffrage

    a legal right to vote
  176. surveillance

    close observation of a person or group
  177. tariff

    a government tax on imports or exports
  178. theology

    the rational and systematic study of religion
  179. throes

    violent pangs of suffering
  180. tidewater

    low-lying coastal land drained by tidal streams
  181. treaty

    a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
  182. unearth

    recover through digging
  183. urbanization

    the social process whereby cities grow
  184. vengeance

    harming someone in retaliation for something they have done
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