Meaning of brazier


A brazier is a small stove that’s heated with charcoal. Some braziers are used for cooking food, while others are entirely meant to provide heat.

Braziers were once commonly seen outdoors, lit to warm people on picket lines or in other situations where they had to be out in the cold for a long time. Most braziers are made from metal and are small enough to be portable. Some people refer to a small cooking stove, like a hibachi or a grill, as a brazier. The French root of the word is brasier, “pan of hot coals,” from brese, or “embers.”

Definitions of brazier
  1. noun

    large metal container in which coal or charcoal is burned; warms people who must stay outside for long times



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    a portable brazier that burns charcoal and has a grill for cooking
    type of:

    heater, warmer

    device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room

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