Meaning of chintzy


Something that’s chintzy is tacky or cheap. A badly made pair of pants is chintzy, and a terribly acted, melodramatic movie is too.

Things made of inferior materials are chintzy: “I like the neighborhood, but the house is so badly built, with really chintzy kitchen cabinets and closet doors.” Another way to use this adjective is to mean “stingy,” or “ungenerous.” You might complain about your chintzy boss at work, who’s known for giving workers five cent raises and not paying for overtime. Chintzy comes from the cotton fabric known as chintz, from the ordinariness of this common material.

Definitions of chintzy
  1. adjective

    of very poor quality; flimsy


    bum, cheap, cheesy, crummy, punk, sleazy, tinny


    of low or inferior quality
  2. adjective

    embarrassingly stingy


    cheap, chinchy

    stingy, ungenerous

    unwilling to spend

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