Meaning of deployment


Deployment is a word, often used by the military, for sending troops into duty. A soldier could be part of a deployment to the Middle East.

Deployment refers to assigning people to serve in various locations, especially soldiers and other military personnel. A deployment may include soldiers, as well as equipment and generals. Deployments might be part of a war or a peaceful mission. Also, non-military organizations use this word too: they might speak of a deployment of workers to a new office. When you see the word deployment, you know people are being sent somewhere for a specific mission.

Definitions of deployment
  1. noun

    the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work

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    redeployment, redisposition

    the withdrawal and redistribution of forces in an attempt to use them more effectively
    type of:

    preparation, readying

    the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose

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