Meaning of eleemosynary


Eleemosynary is an adjective that describes things that are related to charitable giving, especially when you’re talking about assistance to the poor. Monetary donations to eleemosynary institutions are usually tax deductible.

Eleemosynary comes from the Latin word eleemosyna, which means alms, the historic term for money or food given to the poor. Eleemosyna is rooted in the Greek word eleos, meaning mercy. You can use the word eleemosynary today when you mean pertaining to or dependent on charitable giving. If you say, “Eleemosynary contributions commence with one’s own domicile,” then you’ve found a verbose way to say, “Charity begins at home.”

Definitions of eleemosynary
  1. adjective

    generous in assistance to the poor

    eleemosynary relief”

    beneficent, benevolent, philanthropic


    full of love and generosity

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