Meaning of foreseeable


If you know something’s coming, it’s foreseeable. Foreseeable things can be predicted or guessed ahead of time. If there’s no money for you in the foreseeable future, you better get a job.

The adjective foreseeable most often turns up in the phrase “the foreseeable future,” which basically means “as far in the future as I can predict.” The meaning is in the word – it’s the “before” you’re “able” to “see.” You might be so mad at your sister that you tell her you won’t drive her to school for the foreseeable future — in other words, you can’t, at this point, imagine a time when you’ll be willing to give her a ride.

Definitions of foreseeable
  1. adjective

    capable of being anticipated

    foreseeable costs were well within the budget”


    capable of being foretold

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