Meaning of haberdasher


A haberdasher is someone who sells clothes and accessories. Do you need a new suit for your uncle’s wedding? You should buy one from the haberdasher downtown.

The person who owns or operates a haberdashery, or men’s clothing store, is a haberdasher. Both terms are considered old-fashioned these days, although fancy shops still use these terms sometimes. In the UK, if you ask someone to recommend a haberdasher, you’ll end up at a store that sells sewing notions like pins, needles, buttons, and so on. In the U.S., the original meaning of haberdasher was a “seller of men’s caps.”

Definitions of haberdasher
  1. noun

    a merchant who sells men’s clothing



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    type of:

    merchandiser, merchant

    a businessperson engaged in retail trade

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