Meaning of heifer


A heifer is a young cow. If you work on a farm, you might be tempted to adopt the smallest heifer as your pet, based on cuteness alone.

Heifers are female cows who have not yet given birth to a calf. Farmers can raise heifers for dairy or for meat. In the 1830s, heifer, which is pronounced “HEFF-er,” was first used as slang for “woman” or “girl.” Since then, it took on the meaning of a female who is obese. It is very rude to single people out because of the way they look and so heifer should never be used.

Definitions of heifer
  1. noun

    young cow

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    type of:

    young mammal

    any immature mammal
    cow, moo-cow

    female of domestic cattle: “`moo-cow’ is a child’s term”

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