Meaning of immanent


Something immanent is inherent in and spread throughout something else — it’s innate, intrinsic and inborn. Philosophers might debate about whether generosity is an immanent trait or something that people are taught.

In addition to referring to something inherent or intrinsic, the word immanent can also describe something that is totally mental. Both meanings of this word have to do with internal things. Sometimes, immanent means a quality that is essential to something. Psychologists claim the need to love and be loved is an immanent trait of human beings — we all have it. Some people think there is an immanent spirit or force in nature. Also, immanent things are ideas and feelings that only exist in your mind — they remain within. If you keep your ideas to yourself, they’re immanent.

Definitions of immanent
  1. adjective

    of qualities that are spread throughout something

    “ambition is
    immanent in human nature”
    “we think of God as
    immanent in nature”


    serving to distribute or allot or disperse
  2. adjective

    of a mental act performed entirely within the mind

    “a cognition is an
    immanent act of mind”


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    transeunt, transient

    of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind

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