Meaning of inauguration


An inauguration is a ceremony that formally marks the start of something. You’ve probably seen the inauguration ceremony when a new president takes office.

Inauguration can refer to a formal ceremony, such as one marking the start of a new term in office or the opening of a new wing in a museum, but it can be used more broadly to describe a less formal beginning. Your boss may make you responsible for the inauguration of a new system at work. There probably won’t be a ceremony for that inauguration — in this case, inauguration just indicates that a new practice is being introduced.

Definitions of inauguration
  1. noun

    the ceremonial induction into a position

    “the new president obviously enjoyed his


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    type of:

    induction, initiation, installation

    a formal entry into an organization or position or office

  2. noun

    the act of starting a new operation or practice

    “he opposed the
    inauguration of fluoridation”


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    type of:

    beginning, commencement, start

    the act of starting something

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