Meaning of incredibly


You can use the adverb incredibly to mean “extremely,” like your best friend’s incredibly disturbing Halloween costume.

The word incredibly describes anything that is so fantastic, you almost doubt it’s real. You might describe an incredibly fast runner or your incredibly strange French teacher. Incredibly can also describe amazement, like incredibly, someone returned your missing wallet, with everything still in it. The Latin root is incredibilis, “that cannot be believed.”

Definitions of incredibly
  1. adverb

    exceedingly; extremely

  2. adverb

    not easy to believe

    “behind you the coastal hills plunge to the
    incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains”

    implausibly, improbably, unbelievably

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    in a believable manner
    believably, credibly, plausibly, probably

    easy to believe on the basis of available evidence
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