Meaning of jejune


Use the adjective jejune to describe something that is uninteresting or insignificant. Many people claim to find celebrity gossip jejune, but ask them about a recent movie star scandal and chances are they know all about it.

Jejune can also describe something that’s immature or simplistic. All that actress could say about her latest movie was that it was “Super fun”? That’s a pretty jejune comment. Basically jejune means lacking substance. It originally comes from the Latin word jejunus, which means “fasting,” so when something is jejune, it’s figuratively empty — devoid of intellectual nourishment.

Definitions of jejune
  1. adjective

    lacking interest or significance or impact

    jejune novel”



    arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement
  2. adjective

    displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity

    jejune responses to our problems”

    adolescent, juvenile, puerile, sophomoric


    characteristic of a lack of maturity
  3. adjective

    lacking in nutritive value

    jejune diets of the very poor”



    detrimental to physical or moral well-being

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