Meaning of meek


The adjective meek describes a person who is willing to go along with whatever other people want to do, like a meek classmate who won’t speak up, even when he or she is treated unfairly.

A meek person can also be humble, but these words aren’t quite synonyms. If you are humble, you don’t want a lot of attention, like the humble athlete who has a truly excellent performance yet after the game, tells reporters that it was group effort by the whole team. A meek person, on the other hand, would never think a reporter would ever want to talk to him or her, and if asked, would probably try to get someone else, someone more “worthy,” to do it.

Definitions of meek
  1. adjective

    humble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness

    meek and self-effacing”

    mild, modest


    marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful
  2. adjective

    evidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant

    “”a fine fiery blast against
    meek conformity”- Orville Prescott”
    “she looked
    meek but had the heart of a lion”



    inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination
  3. adjective

    very docile

    meek as a mouse”- Langston Hughes”



    willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed
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