Meaning of probative


The legal term probative describes something that tends to demonstrate or prove something. A weapon with the accused’s fingerprints on it would be considered probative evidence at a trial.

In the law, the phrase “probative value” is used a lot, generally meaning “the ability of a piece evidence to prove something important in a trial.” Probative comes from the Latin probativus, “belonging to proof,” and is commonly understood among lawyers and judges to mean “tending to prove.” Did you manage to get a photo of that lady in the act of stealing your neighbor’s dog? That’s definitely probative evidence!

Definitions of probative
  1. adjective

    tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation

    “evidence should only be excluded if its
    probative value was outweighed by its prejudicial effect”


    important, significant

    important in effect or meaning

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