Meaning of quad


A quad is a rectangular shaped area, especially on a university campus, that’s enclosed by buildings. Your college friend might tell you to meet her in the quad after lunch.

Quad is an abbreviation, most commonly short for quadrangle, a kind of four-sided courtyard usually defined by a large lawn and surrounded by buildings. Another kind of quad — also an abbreviation — is the large muscle in the top of your thigh, more formally known as a quadriceps muscle. Quadrangle and its nickname, quad, were 1800’s Oxford slang, from the Latin root quadri, or “four.”

Definitions of quad
  1. noun

    a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings



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    type of:


    a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function

  2. noun

    (printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words or sentences



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    hair space

    (printing) the narrowest of the spaces used to separate words or letters
    type of:


    a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper

  3. noun

    one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy



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    type of:

    sib, sibling

    a person’s brother or sister

  4. noun

    a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg


    musculus quadriceps femoris, quadriceps, quadriceps femoris

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    type of:

    extensor, extensor muscle

    a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part

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