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Rural means “relating to or characteristic of the country or the people who live there.” If you move to a rural area, you won’t see a lot of skyscrapers or taxis — but you’ll probably see a lot of trees.

You may have known people who live on country roads––mail to their houses must be addressed to a rural route, abbreviated as RR. Rustic is a near synonym but emphasizes the supposed qualities of country people: being simple, awkward, and even rude and rough. The adjective rural descends from Middle English, from Old French, from Latin rūrālis, from rūs “the country.”

Definitions of rural
  1. adjective

    living in or characteristic of farming or country life

    rural people”
    rural households”
    rural roads”
    “an economy that is basically

    agrarian, agricultural, farming

    relating to rural matters
    agrestic, rustic

    characteristic of the fields or country
    arcadian, bucolic, pastoral

    (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic

    of fields or open country
    countrified, countryfied, rustic

    characteristic of rural life

    rough and uncouth

    typical of the country
    cracker-barrel, folksy, homespun

    characteristic of country life

    marked by the wearing of heavy boots studded with hobnails
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    located in or characteristic of a city or city life
    citified, city-born, city-bred, cityfied

    being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

    resembling a city
    urbanised, urbanized

    made urban in nature; taking on urban characteristics
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  2. adjective

    of or relating to the countryside as opposed to the city

    rural electrification”
    rural free delivery”

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