Meaning of satiated


At the end of a big Thanksgiving meal, there’s no doubt you’ll feel satiated or have your appetite fully satisfied. In fact, that last slice of pumpkin pie might even push you into the realm of stuffed.

The word satiated comes from the Latin satiare, meaning “fill, full, satisfy,” which is precisely how a person who is satiated feels — full and satisfied from a good meal. There’s nothing better than a hearty home-cooked meal to leave you satiated with a full belly. Other things, besides food, might leave you satiated as well — like a good movie or finishing a challenging task.

Definitions of satiated
  1. adjective

    supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction




    dulled by surfeit
    satiable, satisfiable

    capable of being sated
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    insatiable, insatiate, unsatiable

    impossible to satisfy
    quenchless, unquenchable

    impossible to quench
    unsated, unsatiated, unsatisfied

    not having been satisfied

    not capable of being satisfied
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