Meaning of scheduled


Scheduled means that something is planned for a specific date and time. If a plane is scheduled to depart at 9 a.m. and it’s still sitting on the tarmac at 2 p.m., the passengers may become irate.

You may write a scheduled event down in your daily calendar so you won’t forget it — like the meeting you’ve scheduled with your boss, which you’d better not miss. Airplanes, buses, and trains all have scheduled departure and arrival times, although they may not always leave or arrive on schedule — in other words, they may be delayed. Movies are notorious for starting long after their scheduled times.

Definitions of scheduled
  1. adjective

    planned or scheduled for some certain time or times

    scheduled meeting”
    scheduled flights had to be cancelled because of snow”


    regularly scheduled for fixed times
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    not scheduled or not on a regular schedule
    extra, special

    added to a regular schedule

    made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency
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