Meaning of temporarily


Temporarily describes something that happens for a limited amount of time. If you agree to watch your friend’s dog temporarily, you’ll be surprised if it turns out that your friend will be in France for at least two years.

Temporarily is the adverbial form of “temporary,” which comes from the Latin word tempus, meaning time. Something done temporarily is supposed to be concluded in a finite amount of time. If your car is temporarily out of commission, you expect that you will be able to fix it and get it back on the road. If you drop the word temporarily from that sentence, your car may be a goner.

Definitions of temporarily
  1. adverb

    for a limited time only; not permanently

    “he will work here
    “he was brought out of retirement
    “a power failure
    temporarily darkened the town”
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    for good, permanently

    for a long time without essential change

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