Meaning of transmogrify


You’ve seen something transmogrify, or transform completely, if you’ve ever watched the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Use the verb transmogrify when a person or thing changes in a way that surprises you. A fairy tale frog transmogrifies into a prince in one well-known story, and a tomboy might be said to transmogrify when she puts on a frilly dress to be a flower girl in a wedding. The origin of transmogrify isn’t clear, although one theory is that it was a mistake made long ago, when someone meant to say transmigrate, or “pass into another body after death.”

Definitions of transmogrify
  1. verb

    change completely the nature or appearance of


    metamorphose, transfigure

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    type of:

    change by reversal, reverse, turn

    change to the contrary

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