Meaning of upend


When you upend something, you flip it over or tip it on one side. Tell your sister you won’t play checkers with her anymore if she continues to upend the board angrily every time she loses.

To move the table from one room to another, you might have to upend it so it’ll fit through the door, resting it on one end. The other way to upend something is to invert it, or turn it onto the opposite side, the way you upend a bottle of root beer over a glass or upend your school bag and shake the contents onto your bed to find that lost pack of gum.

Definitions of upend
  1. verb

    become turned or set on end

    “the airplanes
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    type of:

    overturn, tip over, tump over, turn over

    turn from an upright or normal position

  2. verb

    set, turn, or stand on end

    upend the box and empty the contents”
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    type of:

    lay, place, pose, position, put, set

    put into a certain place or abstract location

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