Meaning of usurper


A usurper is someone who wrongfully takes someone else’s place. A usurper usually tries to take someone’s place on the throne, rather than someone’s seat on a bus.

If you were married, and someone cheated with your spouse and then married your spouse, you would probably consider that person a usurper: someone who took your place in a way that’s shady or wrong. A king who is overthrown would consider the new king a usurper. Usurper is a strong word for someone who has taken or usurped what rightfully belonged to someone else.

Definitions of usurper
  1. noun

    one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another



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    claim jumper

    one who illegally occupies property to which another has a legal claim
    type of:

    offender, wrongdoer

    a person who transgresses moral or civil law

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