Meaning of willingness


If someone’s willing, he has the quality of willingness, which can vary from meaning “prepared,” to “enthusiastic,” like your little brother’s eager willingness to help walk the dog.

If your troop of Girl Scouts has a willingness to try anything, it means they stay cheerful and ready, even if they’re hiking through a prickly field of thistles. When something is done with willingness, there is no sense of resentment or hesitation. The word’s origin lies in the Old English wyllan, “to wish, desire, or want.”

Definitions of willingness
  1. noun

    cheerful compliance

    “he expressed his
    willingness to help”
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    involuntariness, unwillingness

    the trait of being unwilling

    eagerness, forwardness, readiness, zeal

    prompt willingness
    openness, receptiveness, receptivity

    willingness or readiness to receive (especially impressions or ideas)

    undivided commitment or unreserved enthusiasm
    type of:

    disposition, temperament

    your usual mood

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