NGO Full Form | NGO Full Form in Hindi | Full Form Of NGO

NGO :- Non-Governmental Organization

NGO is also known as  non-profit organization (NPO). NGO is neither a part of government nor a political party. It is non-profit business. The main aim of NGO is to do something for society. In NGO, Groups of people are working together for a particular purpose. It is run by private organization without any government interference.

NGO Meaning in Hindi

NGO Full Form in Hindi :- “गैर सरकारी संगठन”

NGO ka makshad profit krna ni hai balki dusro k liye chlaya jata hai. NGO me 7 ya 7 se jada log hote hai. NGO ek private organization hai. Isme sarkar ka koi bhumika ni hai. Isme garib ,anath, vidhava jaise logo k jarurto ko pura kiya jata hai.

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