Write a letter to branch manager that there is short in cash as your balance sheet do not match with customer transaction and now you have to pay cash from your pocket as a bank employee which would be depressing for you

Banerjeepara, kolkata, 700141 west bengal 23rd February,2021 The State Bank Of India Delhi ,856432 Respected Sir,I am Ankita Jaiswal working as a clerk in your bank. I want to say that I was doing regular cash transactions with the customer. It was seen that there was a shortage of cash. I really don’t know how … Read more

ICU Full-Form | ICU Full Form in Hindi | Full Form Of ICU

ICU :- Intensive Care Unit It is also known as intensive therapy unit or intensive treatment unit or critical care unit. It is a special department of a Hospital that provides special treatment of the injured patient. ICU provides intensive care medicines and life support to patients suffering from a serious injury, disease, or illness. Known … Read more

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