Featured Lists By Subject Literature Non-Fiction Textbooks & Curricula Test Prep Morphology & Roots Historical Documents Speeches Just For Fun News My Lists New List The American Civil War Study this list of terms related to the American Civil War and learn all about the conflict between the Union and the Confederacy over slavery … Read more

fabulous If something is so great you can hardly believe it, it is fabulous. You can have a fabulous first date or you can make a fabulous dinner. These days, fabulous things are mainly wonderful things, but there’s another meaning related to fable: some fabulous things can’t — or at least shouldn’t — be believed. … Read more

falafel Falafel is a Middle Eastern food that’s made from ground fava beans or chickpeas. Fried balls of falafel are usually served inside a pita or other flatbread. Yum! Good falafel is crispy on the outside, soft and savory inside, and served like a sandwich with toppings including tahini sauce, hummus, chopped cucumber, and tomato. … Read more

maneuverability Definitions of maneuverability noun the quality of being maneuverable synonyms: manoeuvrability see moresee less types: weatherliness (of a sailing vessel) the quality of being able to sail close to the wind with little drift to the leeward (even in a stiff wind) type of: mobility the quality of moving freely Word Family Sign up … Read more

ideograph A symbol that represents an idea or a thing, rather than the sounds of a word, is called an ideograph. A smiley face emoji is an ideograph that represents happiness. Many street signs are ideographs, meant to convey a specific meaning without using any words. “Pedestrian crossing” might be a graphic representation of people … Read more

rock-bottom Use the adjective rock-bottom to describe something that can’t be any lower, especially a price. If a store is selling TVs at rock-bottom prices, you probably can’t find one any cheaper. You’ll almost always find this word describing the low price tag of something that’s on sale or that has a very low cost. … Read more

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