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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosting?

Hosting is serving your content from a remote computer which is connected to internet and you can access the contents throughout the world.                                                                                                                               Or in other words:                                                          Hosting means one type of storage. When hosting provider allocates space on a web sever for a website to store its files

What is Domain?

Domain is a specific name which uses to contain site address where google had to refer. It is an integral part of web address where the client is directed to a particular server.                                         Computer uses IP address which is a series of number but it is difficult for us to remember such a string of number to ease our load a domain name was invented which is a substitute of IP address where a Client does not need to remember IP address but only combination of letter or number which he has assigned to his site with carrying an extension which is conventional to him like .com or .edu

What is IP address?

firstly, we have to understand what is addressing?                                 Addressing are two types:                                                                   Physical Addressing:-Let us understand physical addressing by an example. suppose we want to go to a place what we need is the address of that place but in physical addressing, we don’t have a full address only we have hint about that address.                                      Logical Addressing:-Logical addressing is a memory mapping of physical addressing in which we only need to have a logical address without knowing physical address so that it can easily redirect to proper location without need to remember complex bits address. Logical address is always issued by CPU for physical address so that instruction can easily be executed. It is nothing but a memory mapping.                                                                                                 IP address :- IP address is a numerical representation that uniquely identifies an IP address. Through IP address we can share any information to other network. 

Why Hosting is important?

We will try to understand it by some examples we are living in the world of internet, and we all know how important it is. If we want to share any multimedia like audio songs, pictures, and so on, we can do it through software applications like Whattsapp, Facebook, etc. and for that we must have an internet connection. If we want to create a website accessible by everyone then we can use hosting.                        For Example Home in lease. Lease is a fixed amount of money that we pay monthly for the use of a room or number of rooms 

IPv4 and IPv6

                                                    IPv4                                                      IPv4 addresses are 32-bit numbers that are displayed in dotted decimal notation and contains two part:                                       network prefix host number  . It has limited address space                                                          IPV4 address classes                                          class A: A class A address uses 8 bits for the network address and 24 bits for node address                                                                                class B : A class B address uses 16 bits for the network address and 16 bits for node address                                                                             class C : A class C address uses 24 bits for the network address and 8 bits for node address                                                                              class D and E are reseved                                                                                                           IPv6                                                                          An IPv6 address is  mode of 128 bits, divided into eight 16 bits segments.                                                                                         Features:                                                                                                  Large Address Space                                                                      Simplified Header                                                                                      Fast   Forwarding                                                                                    End to End Connectivity :- No need of NAT, Every Host can directly reach other host

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Clients Reviews

There are alot of hosting service provider but whats make WebsiteHosting so special is there Support system, which is simply outstanding.

Albert Ms
Albert MsUSA
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I was with 2 hoster before for my WP websites, i never had such a service. I asked if they help to fix an issues with a plugin ! The resolve a issues ( they to recode some php files). Sure there is no cost service do that directly for free. no 7 days , or 48 hours, they do it live !!! Its awesome. Also, my web site is faster , with my previous hoster its took me arround 5 seconds, now took me 1.5 seconds and didnt optimized it. It cost 150 $ a year, with such service i ll pay double without a problem.Thanks WebsiteHosting
V. Kurtanidze
V. Kurtanidze Australia
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I've only used WebsiteHosting for the email service since I didn't manage to finish my website yet and everything has been running smoothly, I had no issues at all with the email delivery or blacklisting, setting up the email on my phone and tablet was straight forward.
Theodore Bryant
Theodore BryantAfghanistan
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I accidentally deleted a folder which my website needed and I went into panic mode and contacted support.Mr Kailash did a quick restore from the remote backups and everything is back to normal. I'm really happy with the services and support WebsiteHosting offered.
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